Wednesday, July 11, 2018

ODevC Yatra 2018: Hyderabad

We arrived in Hyderabad last night. My second visit ever (was here for the first time last year during  Sangam 17).

As we were heading to the hotel, Bjoern (@brost) posted this selfie from his car.

When I posted this in response, our car started vibrating and we heard the unmistakable sound of a flat tire.

Our driver pulled over to check and this is what we found.

The other car caught up with us while we waited roadside.

We were soon on our way after our driver replaced the flat tire with a spare.

Early the next morning, we headed to Tech Mahindra campus in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad.

The conference was kicked off in this amazing conference room, the biggest we have been in on this tour.

Lucas Jellema (@lucasjellema) joined the ODevC Yatra speaker team from this city. 

The event was kicked off with a lamp lighting ceremony, where several speakers were invited to light each of the five wicks of this ceremonial lamp.

As always, AIOUG President, Sai Perumburu (@sai_perumburu) welcomed the attendees.

Next, the speakers introduced themselves and offered suggestions for attendees to maximize the value from this event.

Both my sessions "Oracle Cloud: Bridging the Skills Gap" and "Oracle Cloud: Preparing your Roadmap" were well attended. I liked the level of audience participation and their questions.

I was able to take advantage of the time I had between my sessions to attend sessions by other speakers.

Here's Sandesh Rao (@sandeshr) presenting "Oracle Autonomous Database: What Every DBA should know". Sandesh, Oracle's VP of Cloud Diagnosability and RAC Assurance, provided an excellent insight into Oracle Autonomous Database from a DBA's perspective.

Just before we headed to lunch, I addressed a few questions posed by this group of students who came to attend the event all the way from Warangal.

After lunch I attended the "Oracle Exadata Architecture and Internals Technical Deep Dive" session presented by Gurmeet Goindi (@ExadataPM).

Now Gurmeet rewards attendees who answer his questions by tossing them a candy/chocolate. As much as he tried, several fell short (actually fell near me and I had to pass them along). This led me to tweet: "While I can vouch for his Exadata expertise, can't say the same about his candy-tossing skills!".

Finally, before I headed to my second session, I was able to attend the "50 shades of Data - how, when and why Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Event" session by Lucas Jellema (@lucasjellema), which walked us through a myriad of other databases available to augment Oracle's database offerings.

Following the ODevC Yatra tradition, after all sessions ended, everyone participated in a quiz. Connor McDonald (@connor_mc_d) was once again the quiz master.

Every speaker was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Tech Mahindra.

Here's the team from Tech Mahindra and some of the volunteers who organized the event.

Before heading out, it was selfie time, with most of the attendees.

Some more questions followed, before we headed to the airport.

Our thanks to these members of the AIOUG Hyderabad Chapter who made this event possible.

We had time for a quick bite before boarding our flight.

Our flight to Pune was slightly delayed but we eventually started boarding.

Good bye Hyderabad, Pune here we come ...