Sunday, January 9, 2011

Best wishes for 2011!

Wow, I can't believe it has been over 14 months since my last post!

There have been several "Blogging is dead" articles but I don't necessarily agree (even though I have been away from the Blogosphere for so long). Human quest for knowledge is perennial - as long as there is valuable information published, regardless of how it is delivered, there will be readers. Of course, with the ever decreasing attention spans, the key is concise & invaluable blogs.

A lot has transpired in the Oracle world since my last post. Two significant events that stand out are the surprise acquisition of Sun and the much anticipated announcement of Oracle Fusion Applications. This year, I plan to focus on Oracle Fusion Applications and how SOA & Oracle Fusion Middleware power this next-generation, open-standards-based business applications.

I recall how I ended my first blog post "I do plan to come back often and I hope, so will you". This year, I wish to live up to that commitment. I plan to post at least one blog a week and hope you will return each week to read it.

Wish you all a healthy and happy 2011!

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